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    Its interesting to know where all the big players are with respect to new initiatives in the enterprise, and ESB's was one of the latest topics were everybody took sides. Bobby Woolf over at IBM weighs in on what is his (and IBM's) stance with respect to ESBs.
    Several people in the blogosphere have misinterpreted this article as suggesting that IBM is now saying that you don't need an ESB--nothing could be further from the truth. The article actually suggests (and IBM's position is) that ESBs are useful and a necessary technical infrastructure, but that they should be adopted as part of adopting an SOA. So if there was any confusion, hopefully that clarifies things. I and IBM think ESBs are good. Just do them as part of an SOA. SOA puts the S in ESB.
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    Daniel, please can you sort out the difference between 'were' and 'where'.