Jerry Messenger Server 1.01 released - XMPP server


News: Jerry Messenger Server 1.01 released - XMPP server

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    Jerry Messenger Server 1.01 has been released. This is a combination of XMPP/Jabber server and a web application which allows you to run a Live Chat (Live Help) on your server or as a standalone application. Using Jerry Messenger you and your website visitors may communicate with each other via real-time chat messaging. You may use any of XMPP/Jabber client program to connect to Jerry Messenger as "operator," so you can be online with your site visitors 24x7, even via your mobile phone. The server costs $449 USD, and source code can be licensed.

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  2. Are you serious ?[ Go to top ]

    Why on Earth any body will pay $ 449 for this stuff when we can get much better and proven jabber server with openfire it doesn't even comes close ? For webchat and video conferencing use openfire red5 plugin
  3. Completely serious.[ Go to top ]

    It seems you are out of theme. The Red 5 plugin is intended for streaming server for Adobe Flash media (audio and video), but not a web based live help service, but not for a web-based live support service.