SOAP, REST/XML, JSON, and GWT-RPC: One Bean to rule them all


News: SOAP, REST/XML, JSON, and GWT-RPC: One Bean to rule them all

  1. Enunciate is a Web service development framework that will create a rich Web service API from a single set of service beans. Enunciate will mount the service beans for access via SOAP, REST/XML, JSON, and now (with the release of Enunciate 1.4) GWT-RPC. Enunciate will publish full user-level documentation (scraped from the JavaDocs) and client-side code for invoking Web services, including the client-side GWT code that can be translated to JavaScript to support your AJAX app. For a more detailed demonstration, check out the getting started guide.
  2. Enunciate = Rails for Services[ Go to top ]

    This is an example of a TSS posting that has a difficult to understand title. Enunciate looks like a good package to build multiple service interfaces using a Rails-style development metaphore. One writes annotated Beans and the Enunciate package takes care of creating nice Web-based documentation for the service interfaces and it packages the services into a WAR file for convenient deployment to an application server. It works like Rails in that you are working mostly with annotations and the Enunciate compiler. -Frank Cohen