Fluxcorp has announced the release of Flux version 7.5, an embeddable Java job scheduler, file transfer, workflow, and business process management (BPM) engine targeted at Java developers that can be embedded in web applications using a JavaScript widget and adding a servlet. Here's a screenshot of the Flux designer embedded in a Web app. Flux is both a standalone software application and a software component for performing enterprise job scheduling. Job scheduling is a traditional function that executes different tasks at the right time or when the right events occur. Flux software performs this functionality in Java, J2EE, XML, and Web Services environments. Flux models jobs using a traditional flow chart, also known as a workflow. Like any flow chart, a job therefore consists of triggers, actions, and flows. These triggers, actions, and flows can be combined to create arbitrarily complex flow charts.
  • A trigger waits for an event to occur. Traditionally, such events are based on time. For example, a trigger can fire at 9 AM and 4 PM, Monday through Friday, except on company holidays. Other triggers include waiting for files to arrive on FTP servers and responding to activities that occur in other software systems in the enterprise, such as financial settlement engines, messaging systems, and email servers. Technically, a trigger is a kind of action.
  • An action performs some function such as updating a database, calling into a J2EE application, or communicating with different software systems. These functions are arbitrary. Flux comes with a suite of actions for performing a variety of tasks.
  • A flow connects a trigger or action to another trigger or action. For example, after a trigger has fired, a flow may guide execution into an appropriate action. Flows can be conditional or unconditional. For example, when a file trigger fires when a file arrives on an FTP server, execution may unconditionally flow into a database action. On the other hand, when a different email trigger fires, execution may branch to different actions depending on who the sender of the email is.
The provided tag libraries include functionality to administer the flows as well as invoke them. Download: Download Flux 7.5, and try it on your own box. Flux is a commercial product written in pure Java, and requiring JDK 1.4 or greater. Licenses are available through contact with Fluxcorp's sales team. Message was edited by: joeo@enigmastation.com