XINS 2.1, an open-source Web services development framework, has been released. XINS accepts the following protocols: REST, SOAP, XML-RPC, XML, Yahoo! JSON and JSON-RPC. From the specification of the API written in simple XML, XINS generates:
  • Documentation of the specifications and implementations in HTML and in OpenDocument format
  • Test forms, for testing your applications with a browser
  • Client-side Java code, supporting load-balancing, fail-over and time-out handling
  • Server-side Java skeleton
  • Web application (WAR file)
  • WSDL, for SOAP-interoperability
  • SMD, for the Dojo toolkit
  • Unit test code, based on JUnit
  • Stubs, typically used for testing
The 2.1 release adds the following main features:
  • Start the API with java -jar .war
  • Improved generated specification in OpenDocument Format
  • Include/exclude calling convention with ACLs
  • New calling convention that maps SOAP request and response as the wsdl2api command mapping.
  • Swing Graphical User Interface