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News: Profiler YourKit 7.0 released

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    YourKit 7.0, a Java profiler, has been released with new features such as the ability to see the generations of objects (which can help show leaks), the ability to capture profiling run snapshots, better reliability and speed, and more. YourKit is available under a number of licenses, including a free license for "Developers of Open Source projects, which have established, vital, and active community," academic licenses, and commercial floating and enterprise licenses.

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  2. I have been using this for some time in combination with Eclipse. Its a great tool for the profiling and looking into the memory consumption. Good things about it are... # Memory Consumption on Object Instances level # CPU Consumption # GC Statistics # Its memory friendly (it doesn't clog your CPU) I am really looking forward to see some kind of analysis on the memory leaks. Coz, many developers spend a great deal of time in finding the root cause for the memory leaks. Recently i have faced with a huge deal of memory leaks and i am still trying to find out if there is such tool.
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    Does anybody knows good free profiler with eclipse support? --Mark
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    Not a eclipse plug-in but the NetBeans profiler is a pretty good option. In my recent Profiler Benchmark Test it out performs YourKit in CPU/Clock profiling. That said YourKit currently does a much better job in memory profiling which seems to be its strength. regards, William
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    You can definitely try YourKit for Eclipse. Or if you can spend some setup time then you can also use TPTP for eclipse. As far as i have used it, it gives a real great statistics.