Although there is a wealth of effective knowledge available about the Java EE framework to help developers, there is no way to applying that knowledge in a systematic way to identify or avoid problems Constructing a dynamic model of the framework architecture in real time as the server executes offers a powerful way of tackling this problem. eoSense uses plugin Java EE knowledge to allows the architecture and application operation to be clearly visualized. In addition it applies runtime checks that can detect a wide range of construction problems automatically. eoSense automatic detection includes: - Unreliable and difficult to maintain sequences of inter-component communication - Inefficient transaction groupings - Ineficient data usage, including JDBC access, JMS message payloads, and Http Session attributes - Unnecessary resource creation, including JMS connections and JNDI initial contexts - Incorrect service and resource lifecycle handling, including late or ommitted connection closures. - Inefficient use of resources, such as JNDI contexts being used to fetch the same data repeatedly eoSense is available for free evaluation from eoLogic