About Objects has released a new suite of courses geared exclusively towards enterprise development with Java open source frameworks. Enrollment is now open for public classes, and classes can also be delivered onsite at your location or in private training sessions at our fully-equipped facilities. If you or your team is looking for training on Struts, JSF, Hibernate ORM, Spring, AJAX, and the like (or Objective C/Cocoa for that matter) and would like to learn from folks who are authors and open source committers, who love to teach, and who aren't satisfied unless each student leaves prepared to do some meaningful work in the technology under study, please give us a call or drop us an email. The following schedule is for public classes offered in our Reston, VA location during the month of November: Nov 5 – Nov 9:    Introduction to JSF, $2,495. Nov 12 – Nov 14:     JPA Development with the Hibernate® ORM, $1,750. Nov 15 – Nov 16:     Java Development with Spring, $1,250. Nov 19 – Nov 20:     AJAX for the Enterprise, $1,250. Nov 26 – Nov 30:     Java Programming, $2,495. Please visit our website for more information, including a full schedule of upcoming classes. A free PDF download of our new curriculum guide is available here.