Null response by .NET generated Web service client


XML & Web services: Null response by .NET generated Web service client

  1. Hi, everybody. I've confronted with a problem of using Axis 1.3 Web service by .NET generated client. The problem is that client returns empty elements in response, exactly an array of one null object. The WSDL is not generated, but written manually. I'll appreciate If you share your experience or suggestions. If any details are needed (WSDL, SOAP request & response messages) I'll show them (just don't want to make a redundant mass in advance).
  2. The problem is eliminated and was because of insufficient namespace definitions in SOAP response. Adding such namespace (one that was defined for my types in WSDL) into SOAP response message solved my problem. But for me remains weird that .NET web service client engine does not throw any exception just return null object. Topic is closed.
  3. Hi I would appreciate if I could get some inputs from web service gurus on the best approach that can be taken for developing web service in the scenario as below: There is a server which hosts some services (typically there is no registry as such). To call any of those service hosted by the server, I need to make a SOAP call and send the request to the server and the server returns me a SOAP response. What I have is the schema definition of the service and a response format. Can anyone suggest me the best way as to how I can go about calling the services from the server. One approach suggested was to develop a wsdl and create client proxies from them and use them to make a call. Is this a valid approach? Inputs are a welcome from all the experienced gurus. The need of the hour is just to make plain SOAP calls (without any attachments). Thanks in advance for the help.