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    The Ajax Experience East is coming up in just over 2 weeks. Like we've mentioned before, they've added tutorials this year. They're included in the conference fee, but are limited in space, so if you're thinking about attending, you need to register to save yourself a seat. Here's an update on the latest additions to the already stacked agenda:
    • From IBM's Emerging Technologies Group, Adam Peller and Becky Gibson will present on addressing and overcoming internationalization and accessibility concerns with Ajax development. This will be particularly interesting following this week's decision against Target in a class action law suit.
    • Kevin Survance, CTO of Mapquest, and former Director of Strategic Architecture and Software Development at American Express will present a keynote.
    • Details on the Aza Raskin keynote announced a few weeks ago - it's called 'Don't Make Me Click' and will teach attendees how to create applications that are easier to learn and faster to use with surprisingly delightful interfaces.
    • Michael Kaply will present on Eclipse's Ajax Toolkit Framework, which uses Eclipse and Mozilla technology to create, debug and deploy Ajax apps.
    • Aptana founder Paul Colton will present best practices and pitfalls on developing with the iPhone and iPod Touch.
    • Bob Buffone from Nexaweb will present on performance tuning large-scale Ajax apps.
    • Adobe's Kevin Hoyt will present on AIR development, hopefully including details on the new Beta 2.
    • Michael Carter will present a case study on using Comet for large-scale, highly scalable apps.
    • Google's Nathan Naze, who's currently working on the Google Book Search project, will present on Hybrid JavaScript.
    These are just the newest additions - see the complete agenda for more. Remember, time and space are running out, so register this week.
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