With an emphasis on providing practical advice, Code Generation 2008 is the ideal opportunity for architects, developers and others to understand how to benefit from emerging tools and technologies in the broad area of Code Generation. Call for Session Proposals: Submission Deadline: Friday January 18th 2008 We are currently seeking high-quality session proposals covering topics in model-driven software development (including Model-Driven Software Development, Model-Driven Architecture (MDA), Domain-Specific Languages (DSLs), Generative Programming and related areas). Sessions could cover topics such as: ● Tool and technology adoption ● Code Generation and Model Transformation tools and approaches ● Defining and implementing modelling languages ● Domain Analysis and Domain Engineering ● Language evolution and modularization ● Meta Modelling ● Runtime virtual machines versus direct code generation Real-world case studies based on any aspect of these and related approaches are particularly encouraged. Take part in Code Generation 2008 and find out why industry observers think that Code Generation is the next evolutionary step in Software Development. Accepted speakers have their conference fees waived. For instructions on proposing a session please visit: http://www.codegeneration.net/conference/speak.php What people said about last year's conference - Code Generation 2007: "I've been working in domain-specific modelling for a dozen years … and in this time this has been the highest-quality conference on this topic that I've been to - and I've been to a few." "The combined—for that matter, individual—expertise present was remarkable, and presented a tremendous opportunity for knowledge exchange." "The presentations were all top quality, making it often difficult to decide between the concurrently running sessions. The wealth of MDD knowledge present at the event was impressive, not only from the presenters, but from the other delegates as well."