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News: Find Java Heap Leaks with HeapAnalyzer

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    Java heap areas define objects, arrays, and classes, and Java heap dumps are snap shots of Java heaps at specific times. HeapAnalyzer is a graphical tool that can find possible Java heap leak areas through its heuristic search engine and analysis of the Java heap dump. HeapAnalyzer's features include: * List of Java heap leak suspects * Recommendation of the size of kCluster * List of gaps among allocated objects/classes/arrays * Java objects/classes/arrays search engine * List of objects/classes/arrays by type name * List of objects/classes/arrays by object name * List of objects/classes/arrays by address * List of objects/classes/arrays by size * List of objects/classes/arrays by size of child * List of objects/classes/arrays by number of child * List of objects/classes/arrays by frequency * List of available heap spaces by size * Tree view of Java heap dump * Loading/saving processed Java heap dumps. Download HeapAnalizer from IBM alphaWorks.

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  2. Is this what the Grey's use?[ Go to top ]

    I was once probed by a Heap Analizer when I was abducted by a UFO, but I don't know if they downloaded it from IBM alphaWorks.
  3. Sun JVM support coming?[ Go to top ]

    There is a good slide deck and audio podcast from Jinwoo Hwang, the HeapAnalyzer developer, on the IBM site. The presentation is 74 slides long! I wanted to try it out but we don't use the IBM JVM. We are mostly using the Sun JVM and BEA JRockit. The slide show makes it look -Frank Cohen
  4. This works with any standard JVM[ Go to top ]

    The heap dumps all have a common text format. Sun and IBM are both supported, and I imagine JRockit uses the same format, too.
  5. As far as I know the heap-dump formats of the IBM VM and the SUN VM are not compatible. A quick test with the HeapAnalyzer showed though, it is capable of reading SUN heap dumps. The SAP Memory Analyzer (which offers a lot more features) on the other hand refuses to load IBM Heap Dumps. regards, Ingo
  6. JRockit mem leak detector[ Go to top ]

    anyone has tried the JRockit mem leak detector ? Rather than looking at post death dump it does connect to the JVM native layer directly and let you browse the object references. I believe both tools are actually needed but I am not sure the HeapAnalyzer will work with JRockit. Alex
  7. Hi, as far as I can see, there is no "retained size" calculation like e.g. the SAP Memory Analyzer has for SUN JVMs. Does anyone know if there is any plan to include such a feature? This feature is very handy to find possible memory leaks, the views in the IBM HeapAnalyzer don't help very much concerning this. regards, Ingo