Have deployed our Spring-WS on Weblogic 9.2 on Windows environment. The spring-ws jars have been copied to server lib directory. The the app. is deployed at the webcontext caobshared. There were no issues while deploying. Am testing the service from a soapUI tool. The url I am using is http://localhost:7002/caobshared/services. I do not see any errors or any debug statements I have in the webservice methods in the server log. Believe I am missing something or specifying incorrectly. We need to make a decision on using Spring-WS soon, based on the POC I working on. Any help or suggestions highly appreciated. web.xml file: CAOB Shared Service <!-- take especial notice of the name of this servlet --> caob-shared org.springframework.ws.transport.http.MessageDispatcherServlet transformWsdlLocations true caob-shared /services caob-shared *.wsdl caob-shared-servlet.xml file: <!--?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?--> <!-- ===================== ENDPOINTS ===================================== --> <!-- The marshallingEndpoint handle the messages. --> This endpoint handles the DocumentService Web Service messages using JAXB2 marshalling. The JAXB 2 Marshaller is used by the endpoints. <!-- ===================== ENDPOINT MAPPINGS ============================== --> <!-- ===================== ENDPOINT ADAPTERS ============================== --> <!-- Endpoint adapters adapt from the incoming message to a specific object or method signature. Because this example application uses three different endpoint programming models, we have to define three adapters. This is done for illustration purposes only, typically you would use one adapter, for instance the MarshallingMethodEndpointAdapter. --> This adapter allows for methods that need and returns marshalled objects. The MarshallingEndpoint uses JAXB 2 objects. <!-- ===================== WSDL DEFINITION ============================== --> <!-- Exposing a static WSDL --> <!-- <bean id="documentService" class="org.springframework.ws.wsdl.wsdl11.SimpleWsdl11Definition"> <constructor-arg value="/xsd/DocumentService.wsdl"/> </bean> --> <!-- Dynamically creating a WSDL from an XSD --> Dynamically builds a WSDL from the DocumentService.xsd.This bean definition represents the DocumentService.wsdl file found in the root of the web application. It is used by the WsdlDefinitionHandlerAdapter in caob-shared-servlet.xml. Thanks Sunil