JINSPIRED has announced the beta release of JXInsight 5.5 which has been in available in their early access program since July of this year. JXInsight is the only commercial production grade performance management solution that is accessible and free for development usage. Platform Installers can be downloaded from the following URL. http://www.jinspired.com/downloads/phoenix/index.html Noteworthy Features and Enhancements - Production Ready AspectJ Extension Libraries for tracing, resource metering, runtime state inspection and automatic problem diagnostic image generation for all major Java EE technologies. - AspectJ Load-Time Weaving performance enhancements as well as byte code change management and remote runtime state inspection of aspects. - Enhanced Grid Computing platform support for GridGain that includes parallel & remote tracing across nodes in a cluster as well as thread in a node. - Object Lifecycle and State Observation that eliminates the need to perform complete JVM memory heap dumps just to inspect the state of a small number of components. - Powerful Resource Metering Analysis runtime with extremely low overhead that turns JXInsight into an flexible cost-centered based profiling solution that can aggregate data from various meters in a distributed context. - Many UI Enhancements including the ability to add notes to any element within a Insight snapshot such as a problem diagnostics image. Links to blog entries describing in detail the above features and enhancements are available from the following blog entry. http://blog.jinspired.com/?p=161