Everyone tends to get vocal when they see their favorite tool or language adversely affected, and some Java developers using Mac's are making it clear with this latest release Mac OS X release. Michael Urban writes a post entitled 'So Long Apple. The Party's Over'
I mean the free ride that I as a Java developer have been giving Apple for way too long now. And as we have remained loyal to Apple, Apple has basically spit in our face. Not only did Leopard not ship with Java 6, but Apple, in typical fashion, apparently thinks it has no obligation to its customers to inform them about why the plans changed, and when (or even if at this point?) Apple will ever have a working copy of Java 6. Apparently, Apple has even been just deleting threads in their forums where people are complaining that Java 6 doesn't exist, rather than actually respond to them and let them know if there is any kind of time line for Java 6. But wait... It gets worse... Java 5 on Leopard is so broken, that some of it is flat out unusable. For example, I recently tested an application I wrote that uses Java2D for image zooming. On Linux, Windows, and on Java 5 in OS X Tiger, it worked fabulously. The scaling and zooming are very smooth. On Leopard, it is not even usable. It's slow, and manages to rescale during zooming at about 1 frame every 5 seconds. Working with IntelliJ IDEA in Leopard has been no picnic either.
On a lighter note, on the Digital Media Development Blog we find a blog post entitled 'Don’t get mad, get relevant', which has a more reflective outlook on this lack of Java support, going on to cite a few quotes from Java pioneer James Gosling related to Java and the Mac.
To me… writing from the POV of a long-time Mac and Java developer… the long sad slide of Java from Apple’s development priority list is something that Java partisans should be trying to understand, rather than snottily gainsaying. The Father Of Java moves to Solaris, admits that as a laptop OS it lacks the competence to even put the computer to sleep when the lid is closed, and the crowd cheers with support. Dr. Gosling writes, “as much as I love the Mac’s eye candy, it really hasn’t been keeping up as a developer’s machine.” There’s a sorry sense of entitlement in part of the Java community, and it comes off as shrill and obnoxious (don’t get me wrong: the MacHeads do the same thing, and a hell of a lot more often). The worst thing to me is that Java comes off sounding like a charity case, something Apple should embrace because bloggers are trying to guilt or insult Apple into doing so, rather than the value of supporting Java being self-evident. That kind of thing quickly becomes self-fulfilling, and the danger becomes that we’re supporting Java not because it’s the best thing out there, but because we’re desperately afraid something less deserving will win.
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