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Performance and scalability: Apache with Orion.

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    Apache with Tomcat will be handling JSP's and Servlets;while Orion will act as an application server taking care of EJB's.
    Does it sound OK? What are the performance issues for this configuration. I have an existing application running on Apache without any app. server tier. I have to add some functionality to this existing application. This doesn't allow me to use the Orion Web server.

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    This configuration will likely be slow. My recommendation would be to use Orion for JSP/Servlets/EJB and potentially even for the web server. Orion's web server is probably not as efficient as Apache, but the time saved from communication between Apache and Orion makes it a close call. In either case, Orion can connect to Apache and service all Java tiers. Orion is much faster than Tomcat, see orionserver.com and view the benchmark results.

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    I agree that you should use Orion to do everything (including being the web server). We have done some limited load testing and Orion performs very nicely.