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Performance and scalability: Hibernate based application + Oracle RAC

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    Hi, according to Oracle documentation, for your application to be compatible with Oracle RAC, you have to implement Fast Connection Failover. It means, among some other things, that you have to call the method setFastConnectionFailoverEnabled(true) of the OracleDataSource class before calling getConnection on the same datasource. Being compatible with Oracle RAC is a customer requirement and we are developing our application on Hibernate. Do anybody know how to access OracleDataSource class from Hibernate Session Object? I suppose that we have to force Hibernate to use Oracle connection pool mechanism also. Some experiences about this configuration? Thanks in advance. Manuel Guerrero Hewlett Packard
  2. hmmm.. intresesting question, Well in hibernate the datasource is created in configuration files, if you can use Spring framework along with Hibernate, u will be able to call setter method on DataSource at the time of its creation... Hope it helps!