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    Hey Folks. I have a web app (.war) to deploy to JBoss 4.2, and there's a class in the app that implements org.jboss.varia.scheduler.Schedulable. I want this thing to be invoked by the JBoss Scheduler, but I'm having trouble deploying. Note: This is simply a web deployment (WAR), not a J2EE Application (EAR). I have the jboss:service=Timer service started at the server level, but I can't seem to get my Schedulable instance started. I don't want to deploy the Scheduler at the server level (class not found), but rather with the web app. I'm open to suggestions on how to configure both the timer and the scheduler services. scheduler-service.xml (in WAR file ~/META-INF/ directory) is as follows: true MySchedulableImpl arg1 java.lang.String 1/1/2007 12:00 am <!-- <attribute name="SchedulePeriod">1000 * 60 * 30 </attribute> --><!-- every 30 minutes --> 1000 <!-- every second --> -1 true
  2. Hey, for resolve problem of schedul, i : add : dd/MM/yy HH:mm specify full uri class : full.package.for.MySchedulableImpl specify a name : A full working exemple on 4.2.1 : <!-- JBoss Scheduler Working --> true full.package.for.MySchedulableImpl 22/10/2007 11:30 dd/MM/yy HH:mm 86400000 -1 Soon, more explications on
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    Hello everybody. I have a web app running in JBoss (.war file),and I want to include in it a scheduled task that needs to be executed every 24hs. Following this post, wrote a class that implements Schedulable and a jboss-service.xml file inside the META-INF folder. It didn't work. I then did the following: MOVED the META-INF folder from its place under WEB-INF/classes to the root of the WAR file. MOVED the class hierarchy inside classes to the root of the WAR file. RENAMED .war file to .sar file Now the Schedulable class is called as expected, but the Web App ceased to work! Is it posible at all to have working Schedulable classes inside a Web App? Best regards and thanks for your help, Álvaro