Hi friends i am doing one small project using weblogic,ejb and mysql When i try to retirive values from the table using CMR i am getting the error of *bold*errorAttempt to serialize a collection that implements a cmr-field. Collections managed by the CMP RDBMS persistence manager may not be passed directly to a remote client.*bold* My EJBQL is *bold* **@ejb.finder * query="SELECT OBJECT(a) FROM NeworderSCHEMA as a WHERE a.po_no = ?1" * signature="java.util.Collection findByPo_noCMR(java.lang.String po_no)" *bold* My Session Bean who is calling this is NeworderBean *bold* public java.util.Collection getAllPendingOrdersnew() throws javax.naming.NamingException, javax.ejb.FinderException { java.util.Collection pendorders = new java.util.ArrayList(); //to return all pending orders to web-client java.util.ArrayList pendorder = null; //to put one pending order attributes to collection of pendorders NeworderLocalHome home = NeworderUtil.getLocalHome(); NeworderLocal localObject = null; java.util.Collection c = home.findByPo_noCMR("91"); //loop to take one pendingorderLocal at a time and populate pedningorders collection for(java.util.Iterator i = c.iterator(); i.hasNext(); ){ //populating the arraylist with customer attributes localObject = (NeworderLocal) i.next(); pendorder = new java.util.ArrayList(); pendorder.add(localObject.getPrimaryKey()); //index 0 -- stores the po_no pendorder.add(localObject.getPo_date()); //index 1 -- stores the po_date pendorder.add(localObject.getPo_status());//index 2 -- stores the po_status pendorder.add(localObject.getPo_suppcode()); //index 3 -- stores the supplier code pendorder.add(localObject.getUserid());//index 4 -- stores the user id pendorder.add(localObject.getTimestamp());//index 5 -- stores the created date pendorder.add(localObject.getItems());//for order detail table //one customer data is filled. so, add this to customers arraylist pendorders.add(pendorder); } //return the collection of all customers return pendorders; }*bold* Please help me