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    GridGain Systems announces GridGain 1.6, latest version of open source Java grid computing framework. GridGain 1.6 introduced many bug fixes, core hardening and number of new features including: Unique distributed JUnit 3/4 integration First of a kind integration that allows developers to run JUnit 3 or JUnit 4 tests on the grid to parallelize their execution and dramatically save on testing time. With emergence of Continuous Integration long running unit tests are becoming an obstacle in development process that slows down bug-fixing turn around and hinders visibility into the projects status. Using GridGain developers can easily run existing JUnits on the grid with often just one additional annotation attached to a JUnit suite – trademark simplicity provided by GridGain framework. Watch the screencast. Dual licensing for LGPL and Apache 2.0 Upon several requests GridGain team added dual licensing to include Apache 2.0 license additionally to original LGPL. Now, Apache 2.0 compliant software can be binary linked to GridGain 1.6 APIs to develop SPI implementations for GridGain. Native support for Glassfish GridGain continues to offer the native loaders for major application servers and server runtimes. GridGain loader for Glassfish has been added in GridGain 1.6 release. Improved documentation and examples GridGain team continues to improve documentation and examples incorporating feedback from our users. GridGain 1.6 release includes improved example documentation and Javadoc. We’ve also integrated searching over our forums, Wiki and JIRA instance right from our Javadoc providing developers quick and easy access to all sources of information about GridGain. GridGain grid computing framework usage has been growing steadily over the past 4 months. Since the major release of the project GridGain was downloaded over 4000 times and was actively used by more than 400 customers all in 4 months. For more information: - Download GridGain 1.6 - Documentation - Watch Screencasts

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  2. Not apache licensed[ Go to top ]

    only the api jars under the apache license, to make apache software to b linked to,BUT the core libs and the implementation jars are still LGPL ONLY
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    Yes, that’s the case. I thought it was clear from the post and from the website. If not – just wanted to confirm it again. This is the original thread from our forum proposing this dual-licensing idea: Best, Nikita Ivanov. GridGain – Grid Computing Made Simple
  4. I had a go at the example and i have to say it was pretty impressive and quick to set up. I like very much!
  5. this kind of thing is so rare nowadays... great job!
  6. Excellent Product[ Go to top ]

    Ive been evaluating different grid type technologies for the last few months now and I must congratulate on an excellent and easy to use product. I got a working instance of a prototype hooked up to my front end in a matter of an hour. And it just works. Five stars guys and keep it up :)
  7. Thanks a lot guys for the kind words. Nothing is more important for the young project than the positive feedback from the peers. We'll keep up on getting it better! Thanks, Nikita Ivanov. GridGain - Grid Computing Made Simple
  8. Maven support?[ Go to top ]

    Is it possible to use the distributed JUnit functionality with Maven 2? There you don't generally have TestSuites, they are generated automatically based on location and file name. The only mention I can see of build systems in the docs is a fix for using Ant with Bamboo.
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    Hi Martin, You may want to use GridGain forum next time for such questions. GridGain Distributed Junits do not have or need any special integration with any build system - you can use Ant or Maven as you like. However, you must be able to use either GridJUnit3TestSuite instead of regular TestSuite, or be able to attach @GridifyTest annotation to your static 'suite()' methods. Best, Dmitriy Setrakyan GridGain - Grid Computing Made Simple