JavaScript Optimizer - JSO is an Open Source project that allows you to manage easily your JavaScript and CSS resources and to reduce the amount of data transferred between the server and the client. JSO makes users happy Force browser to cache the JavaScript and CSS files and make sure that no unnecessary request is made for unchanged resources. * Reduced network traffic * Reduces page/resources loading delay Force the browser to retrieve a new version of JavaScript and CSS files as soon as they are updated on the server. * No risk that an old JavaScript or CSS files stays in the browser or proxy cache after the deployment of a new WAR/EAR Reduce the number of requests made by the client by servicing multiple JavaScript file as a single resource. * JavaScript files are loaded sequentially by one thread (in contrast to CSS and images that are loaded by multiple threads). Therefore the reduction of the number of round trips is especially important for scripts. Compress JavaScript files. Optionally remove comments, extra whitespace characters, line feeds. * Reduced network traffic and page loading delay JSO makes developers happy * Simple XML based configuration. * Single point of control for all CSS and JavaScript files used. * Possibility to define hierarchical groups of scripts. * A single JSP custom tag that handles the inclusion of all scripts needed. * Special mode for development and debugging: no JavaScript merging, no comments or whitespaces removed * Debug mode session is triggered any time via the browser address bar. JavaScript Optimizer – JSO license: Open Source Apache 2 Download and enjoy today: JavaScript Optimizer - JSO Feedback appreciated. JSO team.