DS Data Systems UK Ltd. is pleased to announce an OpenCms integration module for KonaKart, a free java shopping cart application that provides everything that store owners need to sell their products over the Internet. This new module makes it easy for anyone running an OpenCms system to include sophisticated shopping cart functionality. KonaKart includes an extensive set of online shopping cart features to satisfy the needs of both online shoppers and store owners alike. It is a Java / AJAX / JSP / XML based solution with easy to use Java APIs and a SOAP Web Service interface for the ultimate in connectivity. OpenCms is a professional, easy to use open source website content management system developed in Java. OpenCms helps content managers worldwide to create and maintain websites fast and efficiently. The module allows OpenCms applications to integrate shopping cart functionality using the KonaKart SOAP APIs. This loosely coupled but powerful integration approach provides the following benefits:
  • Incremental Integration – Through use of the KonaKart SOAP APIs, an OpenCms application can selectively integrate only the shopping cart features required. Other features such as the checkout process can still be delegated to the KonaKart application.
  • Flexible Deployment Architecture - KonaKart and OpenCms can be deployed and scaled independently of each other, but still share a common hardware and software infrastructure for Java web applications.
The module can be downloaded from http://www.konakart.com/opencms.html and from http://www.opencms.org/en/download/contributions.html . A prerequisite is the installation of OpenCms which can be downloaded from http://www.opencms.org/en/download/ . Further information on KonaKart and OpenCms can be obtained from the web sites http://www.konakart.com and http://www.opencms.org