Flux has announced the release of Flux 7.6, which allows you to easily design, export, monitor, and edit running jobs and workflows all from one consistent interface: your own Web application. Flux is a Java job scheduler, file transfer, workflow and business process management (BPM) engine targeted at Java developers. The Flux Web user interface can be embedded seamlessly in Web applications using a JavaScript widget. Additionally, Flux can be embedded and therefore hidden inside Java applications using Flux’s APIs. The ability to visually monitor jobs and workflows in near real-time, from within the Flux Web user interface or your custom web user interface, is important because developers and IT operations staff need to know where their jobs and workflows stand. Traditional desktop applications don't match up with the current runtime environment as well as web applications do, even on intranets. Download Flux 7.6, and try it on your own server. Review the key features in Flux 7.6 and see why they’re important.