soapUI 2.0 beta1 eviware is proud to release the first beta of soapUI 2.0.. the release is packed with new features and the Pro version includes the worlds first WSDL Coverage functionality. Major Improvements in soapUI: - Improved WS-Security support for signing/encrypting messages - Integrated SOAP Monitor for recording live traffic and converting it into runnable TestCases and MockServices - Much Improved scripting and properties support for creating complex test setups - MockServices have been extended with SSL Support and WSDL exposure - Full drag-and-drop for moving/copying items in the project structure - etc.. etc.. Read more, see screenshots and download at The Pro version includes all the above and adds: - The worlds first WSDL Coverage functionality which analyzes and displays contract coverage in real-time when running Tests, MockServices and SOAP Monitors.. - WSDL Refactoring support that automatically updates affected messages/xpath-expressions when updating the WSDL to a newer version - Project Requirements handling for extended TestCase management - etc.. etc.. Read more, see screenshots and download a trial at As always we owe a huge thanks to our ever-growing communities (now > 40000 users!) for their patience, support and feedback! enjoy! /the-eviware-soapui-team