Apects of choosing J2EE server ( or SOA suit vendor )


General J2EE: Apects of choosing J2EE server ( or SOA suit vendor )

  1. Our company has to make a decision on what J2EE Application server we should use in the near future for a specific project. IBM, Oracle and SUN could be the choice but as far as I know the market and these J2EE implementation, any of them could work for use. ( JBOSS and BEA are not options for other reasons ) These are the important things for us: - we are gonna implement a J2EE application where scalability, reliability are important things of course - our application will be a web based applications because our users need that - which app server is the easiest to use, install and maintenance? - we'd like to use process management in the second phase of our project ( int about 9 months ). We will convert our ARIS processes into BPEL for example and we need some kind of Business Monitor as well in the future. The BPEL editor should be easy to use. - Concerning the https://open-esb.dev.java.net/ what is the connection between the open-esb and the Sun ONE? - Could you recommend me aspects, opinions, considerations on how to choose an app server or SOA suit?
  2. I have used Glassfish and it was good for us (we used it for non-production enviroment). But for BPEL engine, I recommend you ActiveBPEL, it is a moderm BPEL engine and it runs fine on somes J2EE Servers. http://www.activebpel.com This engine has many features, like: persistence, security, monitoring, a good designer.