Pyxis Technologies releases GreenHopper 1.6


News: Pyxis Technologies releases GreenHopper 1.6

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    Pyxis Technologies has just released the latest version of its JIRA plugin for project management, GreenHopper 1.6. GreenHopper 1.6 adds the ability to view a Burndown, a Burnup and a Velocity chart of ongoing versions. 1.6 also allows you to save the snapshot of these charts at release time. A complete list of changes can be found in the release notes available at With the introduction of the multi-select, highlight and enhanced sorting in the previous versions, GreenHopper has become a mature project management tool that over 50 companies and 10 open source projects has chosen to help them increase the visibility and traceability of their projects. GreenHopper is free for qualified open source projects and non-profits, and commercial users will benefit from an upfront and no-hassle pricing and licensing policy. A free, 15-day evaluation is available for download.

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  2. May I be lazy and ask what are burndown, burnup, and velocity charts? :) Thanks, David Flux - Java Job Scheduler. File Transfer. Workflow. BPM.
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    Sure have a look at: I think it might answer your question. Cheers.