Studies show poor JBoss performance under heavy load?


Performance and scalability: Studies show poor JBoss performance under heavy load?

  1. Hello, When searching for info regarding Jboss performance compared to weblogic and websphere, I came across the below two detailed reports that seem to say that JBoss just doesn't scale well. 1.) Does anyone have any more recent links to JBoss performance studies? 2.) Is it your experience that JBoss is faster than weblogic/websphere for small/medium loads but not for heavier loads? Thanks, Ed

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    From the second link: "We pushed the Java application servers to their limits and found significant differences in how they handle heavy loads. Our tests used Java programs that allowed us to measure the desired performances. The above-mentioned servers have been tested on Dell computers equipped with an Intel Pentium III processor (800MHz), 128 MB RAM..." 128MB of RAM, he he, I stopped reading at that point, that study is *really* old.
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    Duh... that is why I am asking for more recent studies! And whey doesn't JBoss publish any benchmarks?