XWiki is a generic wiki platform allowing the development of collaborative applications. It's developed in Java under the open source LGPL license. The XWiki platform allows for rapid application development by providing common runtime services such as Rights Management, Page Rendering, Transparent Storage, Page Manipulation (edit, delete, rename, view), Versioning, Authentication, Macros, Scripting (Velocity and Groovy) and more. These services are available as APIs in Java, XML/RPC and GWT. The Java APIs can be used either in Java Plugins or directly from within wiki pages using the Velocity and Groovy scripting languages. In addition to the XWiki Platform, the XWiki project offers several applications built on top of it:
  • XWiki Enterprise, an extensible Enterprise wiki
  • XWiki Enterprise Manager, an application to manage farms of XWiki servers. Automates provisioning of wikis.
  • XWiki Watch, a collaborative RSS reader with a UI built using GWT.
  • Chronopolys, a project management application for managing portfolio of applications.
  • Nearbee, a wiki focused on work spaces with the ability to invite users to share them.
The XWiki development team is pleased to announce several releases:XWiki Enterprise 1.1.2 Release A bug fix release that also introduces a brand new UI for managing rights and users/groups. This area has been lagging behind for a long time and we've finally bitten the bullet and re-implemented it. It's all written in Ajax, is cross-browser and makes it a breeze to manage not only permissions but also groups and users. It scales to unlimited number of users. Check the screenshots. XWiki Enteprise 1.2 Milestone 2 Release This is the last milestone before the final 1.2 version planned for early December. It contains numerous new key features, amongst which:
  • An Ajax UI for managing rights and users/groups.
  • A mail sender plugin that can be used from Velocity/Groovy pages for sending HTML or text emails based on wiki page templates.
  • A Watchlist feature which allows watching pages and spaces and receive email notifications when they are modified.
  • A Scheduler plugin and application which allow creating jobs (Groovy scripts in wiki pages) to be executed in the future.
  • A new macro to create dashboard-style pages by laying out panels inside wiki pages
Check the release notes for more details and screenshots. XWiki Enterprise Manager 1.0 Milestone 2 Release Compared to milestone 1, this release brings bug fixes and additional panels to display the following types of information:
  • Lists the last documents modifications made by the current user in all wikis of the farm
  • Lists last created wikis on the farm
  • Lists all wikis owned by the current user
Check the release notes for more details. XWiki Eclipse Integration 1.0 Release XWiki Eclipse Integration (XEclipse) contains the following features:
  • Connect to multiple XWiki servers and/or multiple Confluence servers.
  • Navigate through the imported XWiki site (tree view).
  • Edit/ Save existing XWiki Pages and displays a rendered output view.
  • Ability to add and remove pages and spaces.
  • Ability to work offline and grab wiki sites on your desktop and have your modification synced when you next connect again.
  • Warn about possible conflicts when syncing with servers.
  • Quick page navigation using Ctrl+Shift+P (Command+Shift+P on Mac).
  • Ability to define working sets to focus on a subset of pages from a wiki server.
Check the screenshots for more details. For all information see the XWiki.org web site.