Paul Fremantle on Making SOA Groovy -- A TSS Video


News: Paul Fremantle on Making SOA Groovy -- A TSS Video

  1. Paul Fremantle on Making SOA Groovy -- A TSS Video (4 messages)

    In this presentation, recorded at the recent Grails Exchange event in London (organized by Skills Matter), Paul Fremantle, co-founder of WS02, shows you how Groovy can be used inside a lightweight SOA framework - Apache Synapse - to make it easier and simpler to manage REST, SOAP and other network communications. He looks at how the combination of simple Groovy scripting inside a micro-broker like Synapse can be used to manage load-balancing, failover, versioning and other useful stuff.
  2. Any chance for the slides?
  3. Any chance for the slides?
  4. The slides are available[ Go to top ]

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  5. Slightly off topic, but I have to say I'm *very* enthusiastic about Groovy and Grails in particular. The underlying idea of Grails is brilliant and exactly what I and others have wished for, for a long time: when we're rushed, or just tired, or unable to work with keen intelligence for any reason, offer a good way to throw up something usable almost without thinking. But, when we flesh out requirements or integration, and discover that we're up against something difficult, let us dive deep, and integrate the vast universe of Java libraries and existing business logic as needed to solve the problem. I like Ruby, I think RoR is awesome, but Grails promises to be just perfect. Oh, and please do provide the slides!