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    Any work on an integration project utilizes a wide range of established patterns. Antoine Borg shows us that while it is common to put these patterns together within your project, there also is value in grouping patterns that are themselves patterns. Read Errors as Business Information

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  2. What's MULE got to do with it?[ Go to top ]

    So the title of your article caught my attention... and I start reading and you still have my attention; because you're talking about a general application architecture issue. Then, out of nowhere, you start talking about MULE. Maybe I'm the programmer in the short bus, but I've never heard of MULE nor do you give any introduction nor reference to what it is. Sure, I can do the leg work but really shouldn't have to in order to understand your article's point. Just frustrated that I have to filter out the MULE lingo/code from the stuff that illustrates your article's intent. Maybe you could rewrite this article without reference to MULE or maybe split it into two parts. i.e Part I = your point, Part II = your point illustrated with the use of MULE
  3. Apology[ Go to top ]

    Hello Richard, Thanks for your comment - 2 apologies coming your way: 1) For the late nature of this reply. (Many excuses, none relevant) 2) You are quite right in that the article could have been structured better to build up to using Mule rather than "surprise" the reader in that way. Antoine