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    Slim Batalgi sent in a note announcing the creation of JRubyHub.com, meant to be a one-stop reference site specifically for JRuby, the Ruby interpreter written in Java. While JRubyHub tends to publish information found elsewhere, having a central site to collate and filter information is a good idea, as readers of TSS will certainly agree. (We hope! :)

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    Guys, I would suggest fixing images on the home page (visual appearance). I mean, I know it's neat-picking but they really distract from the overall website presentation. Get somebody w/minimal Photoshop experience and in 10 minutes you'll have much better looking resource. Great resource otherwise! Best, Nikita Ivanov, GridGain - Grid Computing Made Simple
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    Hi Nikita Thank you for the suggestion on fixing images on the home page. This was done. I hope you'll like the look of JRubyHub.com better now! Slim Baltagi http://www.JRubyHub.com http://www.SpringHub.com
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    Why is a Ruby site written in PHP? Not exactly a validation of the (J)Ruby technology is it?
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    Yes, www.JRubyHub.com runs the excellent PHP Content Management System joomla (www.joomla.org). I'm re-using the same template from my other site www.SpringHub.com. Out of the box, joomla provides me with needed functionality. No need to re-invent the wheel and build a CMS from scratch or use a CMS in Rails that is still not close to what joomla provides. It is about picking the right language/tool for the right project. In this context, it was time saving to use PHP/Joomla for a site that is dedicated to JRuby. Validating the (J)Ruby technology by building JRubyHub.com in JRuby was not my requirement either. I'm simply better allocating my very finite resources to learning JRuby and JRuby on Rails and researching JRuby resources for my own benefit and the benefit of the expanding JRuby community. Thank you