How to Pass primitive type in Query.setParameter


EJB design: How to Pass primitive type in Query.setParameter

  1. I am developing an DB application where i need to update table having primitive type fields (Ex: int). Since the SQL Table has int/byte field type. Sample Code: ************ int salary = 200; sql1 = "update exployee where sal > ?1"; Query query1 = em.createNativeQuery(sql1); query1.setParameter(1, salary); The setParameter is not accepting int since there is not method in Query class. Also if i try to convert as integer object and try to update query1.setParameter(1 , new Integer(salary)); I am getting run time error like follows.. [IntegerType] could not bind value '200' to parameter: 2; [BEA][SQLServer JDBC Driver]Invalid parameter binding(s). Please help me to fix this. Thanks, Lakshmi
  2. query1.setParameter(1 , new Integer(salary));
    This is how you set Primitive Types in a prepared statement. It should work.. Pls check ur code again.