Pulse adds Cold Fusion, Android profiles for Eclipse


News: Pulse adds Cold Fusion, Android profiles for Eclipse

  1. Genuitec, producers of the MyEclipse enhancement for Eclipse, has added support for Cold Fusion and Google's Android into their free Pulse product, which supplies a number of free and commercial configurations for Eclipse. Pulse has also added Mac and Linux support. In addition to the new profiles, Pulse has added many other open source and free tools to the software catalog, like Python, TPTP, Ruby Development Tools, Groovy, Jira and other plugins requested by the community. What do you think of Pulse? It's very easy to download and run Eclipse with known good profiles with it, and it makes combining features very easy (i.e., you can choose a standard Eclipse Europa profile, then add CFEclipse or Android to that profile) -- as long as the features are in Pulse already. If they're not, you can either add them yourself (by adding the plugins to the ~/.pulse/profiles/$profilenum/addons directory), or look for someone else who's added it. If you add it yourself, you can then share your profile to help the rest of the Pulse userbase.

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    I have had a quick play with Pulse and it looks good, although when I downloaded all the modelling frameworks along with the Java EE enterprise profile it failed to start with an error which I could not copy and send to the forum will do a screen shot when I get a minute. But until it has a fuller product set such as Spring IDE and Hibernate Tools we can not look at this tool in our company. But the idea of creating profiles and sharing them is cool and would solve alot of our problems with managing a consistent build of Eclipse across the whole team.
  3. hani suleiman - where is he these days?? we need some comments from hani.