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    I was wondering if it is possible to run large-scale scientific simulations using EJB. I assume that appropriate JNI would be required to link to typically large legacy FORTRAN and/or C codes is required. Has anyone performed such? Load balancing would be achieved via clustering and reservation of a single high-performance machine for the numeric-intensive computations.

    Does this violate the security models for EJB and J2EE? Are there specific standards or tutorials for deploying such applications.


    M. Voorhees
  2. It is one of EJB programming restrictions - enterprise bean should not load native libraries.
  3. Is there no way to overcome that? How else can we use all that code written in native languages?
  4. I just thought about this:
    Does the specification restrict ONLY the Enterprise bean from calling native code or loading a native library? What if I use another layer of Java classes which loads the native library. Is this acceptable?
  5. Sure, if container's security allows for it. I think you will be much better off using RMI/CORBA/sockets/... to access the piece which invokes native code.

    Back to the original question - what is the benefit of using EJBs for scientific computations?
  6. I was not planning on using EJB for pure scientific computations. However, I would like to be able to build a middleware for a product that would require a million lines of code (working perfectly) that are written in C. Earlier, my company had developed a Java wrapper for this code. Now I want to be able to use that code instead of having to re-invent the wheel.