Given the often overlap that exists among many frameworks out there, getting the most out of every framework used in your projects can be daunting task. This blog entry takes a look at the integration aspects of jMaki and GWT(Google Web Toolkit)
With my Ajax dealings over the past few years I have been asked about jMaki and GWT integration. For some time I had thought that GWT was a competing technology but I have come to realize that while jMaki and GWT are truly cousins whose marriage is in this case a good thing. When integrating jMaki with GWT jMaki provides a well defined model for interacting with JavaScript and GWT provides a model for interacting with Java. jMaki can open up the JavaScript universe to GWT in a well controlled manner. As a start the jMaki team would like to introduce the GWT community to jMaki Charting. jMaki charting provides dynamic charting capabilities where charts can be manipulated on the client without round trips to the server.
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