ORM frameworks have become indispensable to interact with the database. These frameworks abstract developers from nuances of database interaction. We found difficulty in configuring these frameworks for the large set of tables and custom sql queries. More to this, they are not adaptable to the plug-in architecture where modules are loaded on demand. We developed a simple ORM package, onelineeim to overcome this. It allowed us to perform JDBC and search operations in one line with no configuration mapping. I got the power of SQL in my hand and the framework gave me the POJO and xml for a given SQL. This package supported eclipse like plug-in architecture and allowed various class loaders to operate seamlessly. Now I have no more fear of writing optimized custom SQL. All my database operations perform in couple of milliseconds and my server starts up in 2 seconds. In performance tests, onelineeim performed close to plain old jdbc. The benchmark test results against iBatis and Hibernate are at http://onelinejdbc.wiki.sourceforge.net/PerformanceComparison . The project has SOLR search engine packaged with it. This can be used very easily for large, read only datasets (akin to a data warehouse). We have used the same in our product and the results are very promising. Read full details at http://onelinejdbc.wiki.sourceforge.net/