Enunciate 1.6 was just released with support for mounting your JAX-WS endpoint classes via AMF (thanks to Adobe's release of BlazeDS). Enunciate will not only will you be able to enable Flex developers to make Web service calls via AMF, but Enunciate will also generate type-safe client-side ActionScript classes that will access those endpoints. Enunciate will also publish your endpoints via SOAP, REST/XML, JSON, and GWT. You'll also get your WSDLs, schemas, and full user-level documentation for your Web service API. Ryan Heaton has posted a two-part tutorial on how to use Enunciate to create a flush Web service API and to build a rich AJAX application (complete with asynchronous HTTP requests and an embedded Flash application) that accesses the API. Part I: Developing the Web Service API Part II: Developing the RIA