I am developing the connection between 2 computer devices. One of them, which from now on I will call it the server, is going to have the Database and the main business logic. By the other hand, the other computer, from now on the gateway, will have to send lots of real-time data to the server for it to store it in the database. However, the server will also be able to send some control messages to the gateway to modify parameters of how the gateway is sending the data to the server. So in conclusion: ·Lots of data messages (Gateway -> Server) and ·Few control messages (Server -> Gateway). I though of using Axis2 Web Services, having both client and a server in both sides, however it doesn't seem to be a very elegant solution. I am familiar to basic web services but, not much on JMS or other messaging protocols and I supose that maybe there is a better way to do this operations. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks in advance guillem