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    Hi there People,
    We are in the transition phase of our product from a Java,CORBA based system to one on J2EE using xml,jms etc.
    First a li'l bout the product: It is a product that will be used in the telecom industry to provision services like cable, phone activation for the user and there are expectedly 7-12K users for the product. We are expecting 1500-2000 simultaneous logins. Now the issue here is that the CORBA objects are already existing(as point solutions for the services) and the front end is a browser based applet (that is downloaded at the client side); So should we go for a totally revamped system that has no Corba in it or shud we go for the existing Java Corba Objects integrated as legacy objects into our new model.
    The only thing we are looking for in the new system is Performance Gain.
    What i proposed is that we should go for a system that uses an App Server to give the front end & a part of the business logic. Using a facade design pattern, generate the object that have reference to the existing CORBA Objects and use those to implement the point solutions. We also propose to use the XML as a messaging solution coz that wud help in making the product more scalable and for furthur additions to the system.
    I would like to know the opinion of all the brilliant people who come to this forum.

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    "XML as a messaging solution coz that wud help in making the product more scalable"
    I don't think XML will has such fact it will
    degrade the performance because of the overhead
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    Two thoughts:

    First, it is very unlikely that you will gain performance benefits by wrapping the current CORBA components. In fact, you are likely to cause the opposite effect.

    Second, but related, if you are truly after performance gains, you need to understand the bottlenecks in the current design. Then, you can design a solution to address these, which may or may not include features of J2EE. Remember, J2EE is not a silver bullet.

    Also, XML messaging is not likely to aid scalability (in fact as another reply suggests it can cause quite the opposite). However, use of XML message can add extensibility and interoperability.
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    Who sold you the idea that J2EE is inherently more scalable than CORBA ?
    Not to mention XML :)lol

    If you have a solution using CORBA that works and meet your goals, you must be crazy to migrate to J2EE.
    You know, CORBA has messaging too, or you can bridge to a commercial messaging product, also Events and tons of other goodies.

    Not to mention that high quality ORBs are a lot cheaper than app servers.

    And the word you use "legacy objects" , it's funny.
    When Microsoft talks they think of Unix as "legacy", when Sun talks they talk about "legacy" VB applications, when OO pursits talk they talk about "legacy" relational databases, not to mention that an estimated 80% of world's transactional financial dat runs on S/390 with IMS .

    Man, get over it. Unless you want to stick J2EE to you and your other co-developers there's hardly any good reason to jump.
    And if your "legacy objects" don't handle 1500-2000 simultaneous logins, be sure it's your code to blame not CORBA.

    And guess what, if you do the whole J2EE enchilada, with entiy beans, session beans as facade and the likes, I bet you won't get even half transactional throughput that you get from the existing system.
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    Hai , I think ur going crazy with the ability of J2ee but my Dear when u r having a good corba structure then use the corba messaging systems and never opt for XML mesges otherwise u will have to have a framework designed by ur slef as a platform of these mess and again it is going to burden u bcoz Xml is lacking in Scalability.So have a third party corba based messaging system and implement that in ur application.
      Best of LUCK