ODBMS.ORG, a vendor-independent non-profit group of high-profile software experts lead by Prof. Roberto Zicari, announced the migration of ODMG.ORG into the ODBMS.ORG portal on object database technology which will now host ODMG resources for versions one through three as well as resources on the recent development of the 4th generation standard along with a wealth of other current resources on object databases in one single location. The consolidation of resources gives researchers and students, as well as any software developer with interest in object oriented programming and persistence, a one-stop experience to find nearly one thousand resources aggregated and selected by a team of more than one hundred internationally renown experts on object database technology including names such as Alan Kay, Suad Alagic, Scott Ambler, Philippe Kahn, Michael Blaha, William Cook, and Carl Rosenberger. Examples of resources are:What do you think about the importance of ODMG, a language-independent standard for object databases and persistence? Do you think that a new generation can help the proliferation of object oriented and interoperable persistence solutions, e.g. also between Java and .NET? Christof (President ODBMS.ORG e.V.)