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    Yes.. I am trying to evaluate jbpm..(jboss) and have encounter the difficulty that although I am able to deploy their jbpm-console and able to deploy (via their eclipse plugin) process definition, i am not able to get the jbpm-console.war running on my local tomcat server! :( can some one PLEASE guide me as to whether i have everything covered. I downloaded jbpm-jpdl-3.2.2 this contains the server and the eclipse plugin and the console. In its deploy directory I find jbpm-console.war HOWEVER it says that the jbpm-console.war does NOT contain the files required to run tomcat. (ie some jar files) it did however said if u run its ant task it will build a copy that does contain. OK fair enough..i went to build it like that...and yes i got my war file ready for tomcat. i also added the hsql jdbc lib and went to deploy it to tomcat...ok..it crashed... :( it gave me an error... I will try to deploy it in a vanilla jboss server...and see what happens... my main issue is that I want to be able to modify their jsf files. ways u guys can help me... could you please tell me whether what am doing is right ? or wrong? is there another jbpm download i should consider instad?? what is the best approach to get jbpm running on tomcat server ?? is the eclipse plugin the only way to deploy jpdl files? .........note i am able to run the jbpm-console.war as it comes from their server..and like i said..able to deploy my own process definitions... i just wish there was a way of getting a handle on deploying it on my own server so that i can modify the jsp files.

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    You should post on JBoss Forum I am sure you will get a quicker response.