Odysseus Software announces the immediate availability of commercial licenses for STAN - Structure Analysis for Java. The current beta versions have reached production quality and STAN 1.0 is knocking on the door! About STAN STAN, the new code analysis tool for Java, brings together development and quality assurance in a natural way. STAN encourages developers and project managers in visualizing their design, understanding code, measuring quality and reporting design flaws. STAN supports a set of carefully selected metrics, suitable to cover the most important aspects of structural quality. Special focus has been set on visual dependency analysis, a key to structure analysis. STAN seamlessly integrates into the development process. That way, developers take care about design quality right from the start. Project managers use STAN as a monitoring and reporting tool. STAN is available in two variants: 1. as an extension to the Eclipse IDE 2. as a standalone application for Windows and Mac OS, The white paper gives a brief introduction to structure analysis. Please visit http://stan4j.com for further information. Early Adopters During March 2008, early adopters will get substantial discount on their purchase. You are invited to download and use the fully functional product for evaluation purposes. Take the chance to discover the power of structure analysis with STAN!