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    I have read that mytheads can include Favourite threads,important threads etc.I feel that we should seggregate MYThread to two part
    : 1. Querries Posted by the owner of the mythread 2. Answers given by the owner to other threads.

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    That is a good suggestion, I will work on it for version 2.0
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    I think another good thing would be to have the 'My Threads' listing filtered based on an aging date. Something like, "Don't show me any of my discussions that haven't had activity in the last 5 days."

    That way, discussions will fall off of your 'My Threads' list over time.

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    Yep, I was just wondering if there's a way to remove items from the MyThreads list. Once a thread has grown stagnant, it would be nice to delete it from the MyThreads list.