VersionOne Announces Free Hosted Community Edition


News: VersionOne Announces Free Hosted Community Edition

  1. VersionOne, developer of V1: Agile Enterprise, an Agile planning and management tool, recently announced the free hosted version of their popular Community Edition. Previously available only as a free download, VersionOne's free 5-user Community Edition offers all the same functionality and features as the enterprise edition and now also includes free upgrades. Although limited in number of users to 5, the Community Edition does not limit the number of projects or other aspects of the application. For teams with more than 5 users VersionOne offers a free trial of the unlimited user Enterprise Edition.
  2. It seems to me (and to many that I know) that the whole concepts of monolithic behemoth and awkward suites like Version 1 or Rally Software is against the very idea of agile development - picking simple tools that are best at what they do. I pick Confluence+JIRA+Bamboo+Fisheye+Crucible+Clover combination (that is what we use at GridGain) over Version 1 or Rally Software (something that our client uses) any day. It’s probably going to be way cheaper and have more functionality that you really need. But what’s most important these tools don’t get in a way of development process – and that’s agile and that’s they key for me. My strong 2 cents, Nikita Ivanov. GridGain – Grid Computing Made Simple
  3. Confluence+JIRA+Bamboo+Fisheye+Crucible+Clover isn't a replacement for VersionOne or Rally. I wish JIRA did some of the things VersionOne and Rally do. I think of VersionOne and Rally as Scrum-enablers, meaning they manage requirements, like JIRA might, but they also understand iteration cycles and can present iteration and product burndown charts. These charts are really essential to larger organizations that want to be able to estimate release dates and manage requirements. You can do burndown charts in Excel, but it can be handy to have VersionOne or Rally do them if you have a distributed team. There is an add-on to JIRA, called GreenHopper, that does the burndown charts. I don't work for any of these companies, but recently evaluated VersionOne and Scrumworks Pro.
  4. I've used VersionOne on a multi-sprint scrum project (as the scrum master), and it worked quite well. It was really helpful for the product planning with the business owner(s) as well as to do the estimating and detail planning with the team. It does require the team members to be good about keeping up with the bookkeeping (usually end of day) so all your various views, burndown charts, etc. are up to date. However, if some members of the team aren't good about being honest with their progress and recording it, things will quickly fall apart. That is a problem no matter if you are using a tool or not however. Regardless of what tools you use, focus on the daily communication and not the tool if you can, if you only communicate via the tool updates (and your daily meetings are just for show), your scrum project will not hold together. For keeping track of all the information that a scrum project generates and tracks, it works very well (much nicer than a spreadsheet).