Zelix obfuscation plugin for Maven. Release 1.1


Industry news: Zelix obfuscation plugin for Maven. Release 1.1

  1. I released the obfuscation plugin for Maven. It uses the Zelix KlassMaster obfuscator. We use this plugin for Flexess obfuscation. The main features are:
    • Supports the multi-model projects.
    • Obfuscation of jar and war projects (modules)
    • Recognizes signed jar projects (modules) and resign the obfuscated jar.
    • Automatically rebuild project (module) dependency to obfuscated version of artifacts
    • Substitute obfuscated class names in maven resources.
    • Contains check task, which can check the project structure and report the issues that may prevent the obfuscation.
    The plugin is open source. It is accessible from the Jresearch open repository. The plugin group is org.jresearch.commons.obfuscate, artifact id is org.jresearch.commons.obfuscate.plugin, version is 1.1. Also take into consideration that it isn't a separate project with support, documentation and clever code, We developed that plugin for internal usage just to automate some manual work.
  2. I would like to give your plugin a try but it appears that Jresearch open repository is down. Is there some other place I could access your plugin?