Announcing EyeQ LITE: 5 developers for free, all technologies


News: Announcing EyeQ LITE: 5 developers for free, all technologies

  1. SourceKibitzer is announcing the next milestone in the development of the EyeQ - EyeQ LITE, a hosted version of the service appropriate for small or low-budget teams. The service allows you to automatically dig out metrics and indicators about software development teams by crawling the code repositories. We wanted the key metrics like developers know-how and contribution size to be easily available for any company regardless of size, technology, budget or business model. We think EyeQ LITE can really help us with that vision.
    • It is always free for first 5 users. Meaning if you have only 5 developers you can start using the tool and never pay for the service.
    • Reports are simpler. We have left only the most important personal indicators in the reports.
    • The price is really low. The monthly fee is just 20 EUR per developer. So there is no more need to fight with the cash-holder in your company to make him buy the EyeQ lite.
    • You are allowed to publish generated reports on the web or your intranet without any restrictions. If you want we can even publish you team reports on "the wall of fame" on our website
    EyeQ LITE has some limitations beyond the five-user limit, however.
    1. Unlike the full version, EyeQ LITE monitors the development of only one code branch. It is totally up to you to choose the monitored branch. We suggest you to take integration branch like trunk in Subversion or HEAD in CVS - in most of the cases it would mean the most important work of your team.
    2. The lite version is only offered as a hosted service. But isn't it great for you? You don't have to install or administrate anything related to the service. You just keep doing your work and SourceKibitzer will do all team monitoring work for you.
    Visit the SourceKibitzer website to try out. We also encourage you to share ideas and suggestions for the service. Please, use our community support website here:
  2. Congratulations on the release! We at GridGain have used EyeQ to generate reports about our development process and have found them very useful. Keep up the good work guys! Best, Dmitriy Setrakyan GridGain - Grid Computing Made Simple