Structure101, from Headway Software, makes software structure (design, architecture and packaging) easy to understand, define, communicate, control and keep simple. Open Source project-leads can use Structure101 to define a "desired" or "target" architecture, save it to a Structure101 repository and then anyone working on the project can point their IDE (both Eclipse and IntelliJ) at the repository, from anywhere in the world, to be warned if they are breaking the "target" architecture. This ensures that, at a minimum, the architecture will not degrade over time, but as is more likely, will improve with each new release. Structure101 is currently being used to analyze, monitor and control the architecture of a number of Open Source projects, including the Apache Activemq, Camel, Qpid and Synapse projects; as well as Junit, The Grinder, and several of the Spring Open Source projects. "We have been using Structure101 for more than a year now and there is no doubt it has helped us maintain the high quality of our architecture." Adrian Colyer, CTO, SpringSource If you would like to obtain a free copy for use on Open Source please send us your name, project and a link that identifies you as a committer.