Discover LanguageWare, a set of run-time libraries and an Eclipse-based development environment for building custom text analyzers in various languages. Deployable in Apache UIMA, LanguageWare makes it is easy to build dictionaries, ontologies, and rules for identifying key information, relationships, and meaning.
How does it work? LanguageWare Resource Workbench allows users to easily
  • develop rules to spot facts, entities, and relationships using a simple drag-and-drop paradigm
  • build language and domain resources into a LanguageWare dictionary or ontology
  • import and export dictionary data to or from a database
  • browse the dictionaries to assess their content and quality
  • test rules and dictionaries in real time on documents
  • create UIMA annotators for annotating text with the contents of dictionaries and rules
  • annotate text and browse the contents of each annotation.
The package contains the following tools:
  • a dictionary viewer/editor
  • an XML-based dictionary builder
  • a database-based dictionary builder (DB2 and Apache Derby support are provided)
  • a dictionary comparison tool
  • a rule viewer/editor
  • a UIMA annotator generator
Interesting stuff. Do language-oriented tools - as in, human language-oriented tools - interest you?