It was my pleasure to give a presentation titled Building RESTful Web Services with JAX-RS (JSR-311) at the TSS Java Symposium in Las Vegas last week. I got lots of good feedback and suggested improvements for JSR-311 from audience members. I'd like to summarize and pass that feedback along to the expert group. For example, one comment was the the @Path annotation should support regular expressions. Other comments underscored the need for session and/or security support (despite the obvious conflicts with REST requirements for statelessness). Unfortunately, I need a little help remembering all those good ideas! So, if you have some thoughts or feedback on JSR-311, please post here or email me: mark at agileitinc dot com. Thanks, Mark --- Mark Hansen Founder and President AgileIT 50 Main Street, Suite 1000 White Plains, NY 10606 tel (914) 682-2026 mark at agileitinc dot com