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    Hello, I have WSDL file and i am trying to create a web service client but when i make actual call to web service then it's give me error "500 internal server error". Is any one have idea why that type of error comes
  2. If you get a error code 500 it means Internal Server Error. There could be many reasons for this. Now you mentioned that you are trying to create a Web Service client. Have you created it properly and what type of client is it? is it a standalone client, web client, ejb client. Also when you mention you have the WSDL I assume, that the actual web service is running in the server and you are creating a bottom up client. Please also provide exactly what you are doing and whats the status of your web service and where its running. Creating clients and testing are pretty simple now a days, you usually do not require to do much coding, you have a lot of tool support now a days!